Saturday, February 20, 2016

Whole30 Day 5.. You GOTTA read those labels!

Today was a daaaamn good day! I was up earlier than usual for a Saturday morning and my cravings were almost non existent today! I'm also not feeling nearly as hungry between meals, which is great!
I'm still expecting to get hit with the detox hangover any day now, tho hoping I get lucky and skip that stage. Lol

My middle kiddle is doing great. She's staying strong and it's paying off. She sleeps better at night and wakes up better in the morning. Her "Buddha" belly is starting to go away, too! She's pretty excited about that.

The biggest eye opener so far has been how much crap is added to everything. Why do we need to add sugar to bacon? And why is there sugar in bagged potatoes and frozen shredded hash browns? Why is there soy in canned tuna??? Cellulose is parmesan cheese? (To prevent caking, I know. But that's wood pulp, people!) I use to add parm to everything. We can't always afford the good stuff, but from now on, when we can't afford the good real parm cheese, we will go without! Just when you think you're making a "safe" purchase, you see a sneaky ingredient. Ridiculous!!! 

Ok, enough of my bitching. Onto Day 6!!! Forward march!! :D

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