Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Whole30 Day 2.. For the love of God, someone please bring me a Coffee Roll!!

Today has been a rough one. From the moment I woke up I was hit by craving after craving. 

Seriously, from the moment I opened my eyes this morning, all I wanted was a giant Dunkin Donuts Caramel Latte and a coffee roll. No, make that two coffee rolls. My mouth was watering just thinking about them and I swear I could practically taste them. So crazy because I haven't had one in almost a year! 

This afternoon it was bread and butter. Or a dinner roll and butter. Or a croissant and butter. Hell, I'd have settled for a warm tortilla and butter. Oooooh, or that delicious bread and butter from that amazing steakhouse? Yessss, I'll take that, please! 

This evening I wanted coffee, brownies, cake, more coffee, chips, Mac n cheese, and some more coffee. And maybe another coffee roll.

See what I mean when I say craving after craving? And not just like,  "ohhh that sounds good right now".  No, like every cell in my body was screaming for it. All. Of. It.  Ugh

And the headaches, ohhhhhh the headaches. Not cool! All that said, I'm amazed to say this, but I made it through. Day 2 is officially over.

The kiddies both did great today. No snacking on non-compliant stuff. (At least to my knowledge) I'm nervous to see what tomorrow will bring, but I'm ready. I think. I KNOW I'm ready for bed tho, so till tomorrow- nighty night!
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