Friday, February 26, 2016

Whole30 Day 11... What is this- Temptation Island?!?

I woke up this morning feeling really good. I got to sleep in a bit because my hubster took his day off of work. This is a rare thing. That man works his ass off. It was nice to have him home, but my first thought?
"Yesssss! He took his day off! That means we're getting Dunkin Donuts Caramel Lattes! Scoooooore!!!"

Directly followed by the realization:
"Crap. Nope. I can't have that right now. Daaaamn it."

But he sure got one, didn't he? And God love him, he even called to ask if I wanted anything. "I can't have anything from there." To which he says "oh! How about a bagel? You can have a bagel, right?" *insert huge face palm here*

Don't. I. Wish.

Then we were invited to my Mother In Law's house for a little get together. She was going to order pizza or fried chicken for dinner. Now, I have been doing great but I didn't quite feel strong enough to not have a piece or two. Even if I had gotten something else, the smell would've driven me bat shit crazy.

I started a new workout today and I'm super excited about it! DDP Yoga! I've always been a huge fan of Diamond Dallas Page (well, except when his character threw my favorite character Otis out a window in the Devil's Rejects. Not cool, man. Not. Cool. Lmaooo) I wasn't really sure what to expect, I mean, it is yoga. Don't get me wrong, I love me some yoga. But would it be enough to accomplish what I need to accomplish? After my first workout tho, I knew that it would! I can't wait to see where this takes me!

Forward march! Onto Day 12!!

(Pic: I forgot to take a pic of my lunch, but it was chicken breast, hard boiled eggs, and a few cashews.)

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