Sunday, February 28, 2016

Whole30 Day 13.. Is It Over Yet??

No? Not yet? I'm only on Day 13? Well, crap.
It honestly feels like I've been on this Whole30 for 30 years already. Lol It's just dragging on and on. At least I'm feeling better than I have in yeeeears, right?

I think that Sundays are the hardest day of w30 for me. Mostly because that is the only day of the week that my hubster is home when I wake up in the morning. Which means that he gets up and makes coffee. And sometimes, he'd even pour me a cup, bring it upstairs, and put it on my nightstand. Probably hoping the smell would wake me up and I'd wake up and cook. But still. Once I was up, it was nice to sit and have coffee together. I guess I could still drink it but I just can't stomach it black anymore. And Coconut milk tastes disgusting in coffee. At least to me, anyways. I just don't understand how people like it. And that whole Bulletproof coffee phase? Yeah, I don't get what all the "it's so delicious" fuss is about. On what planet?! Cuz to me, it tastes like dirt. Sorry not sorry.

Oh well, I'm almost halfway through this. Just gotta hold out a bit longer.

Day 13, over and out.
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