Monday, February 29, 2016

Whole30 Day 14.. The Day From Hell..

Ohhhh man.. If ever there was a day that was trying to throw me off left and right, today was that day. 

We had Luna come out to install our kitchen floor. I accepted that I wouldn't be able to go into the kitchen for a couple hours, and that was ok. As long as I got breakfast before the installer came. I took out some eggs and got a pan ready, and as soon as I turned on the burner, my doorbell rang. Daaaamn it. So I hurry up and throw a couple pieces of fruit into a bowl with a hard boiled egg. I toss a Larabar into my pocket just in case he's here a while. Thank God I did...

Here begins our tale:
Installer shows up and within 5 minutes, asks me to fill out and sign paper work before the job is done so he can get that out of the way. He starts to pull up the tile and says "oh. You have two layers of tile? My order is to remove only one." I said "yes, there's two and we paid to have both removed." (We had lifted up a tile to show the salesman there's two layers. He even knelt down to look closer agreed. We had had an entire conversation about what kind of tile the first layer was.) Installer tells me "no, my order is for only one. If I have to do two, I have to call the office. That's an extra charge." -__-

Then, he looks at my kitchen counter/cabinets and says "is this tighted to the wall?" I tell him that it is screwed into the wall. He says "ohhh. This has to come out. You have to clear the counter top off and empty all the cabinets and drawers. Then I need to "untight" it and tear out the floor there. Then put it back in. Extra charge and extra day of work." -______-

Now, the salesman can't start work till he gets a payment approval number. This meant playing phone tag with my mom at work. Calling Luna several times. This all took 2 hours. And I was already hungry. 

6 hours later, he finally left. Our floor wasn't even put in yet. He's gotta come back tomorrow to actually lay the floor.

I was so freaking hungry at this point, I just wanted to cry. THESE are the moments that I just wish I could say "screw it" and order a pizza. Or send the hubster out for fast food. Well, I mean, I could. But Lucy and I couldn't eat it. And that would suck having to smell it.

I wound up just throwing some chicken breasts, potatoes, and green beans together to roast in the oven.

If he's coming back tomorrow, I've gotta make sure I'm prepared food wise. Cuz this is crazy!
Onto Day 15...

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